Alloy wheels are easily damaged by day-to-day wear and tear so if you want to keep them looking at their best, having them refurbished and re-coated is a great option.


Powder coating alloy wheels is a great way to cover any pitting or damage on the surface. At Alloywheels R Us, our team of experienced technicians can re-coat your alloys either as part of a complete wheel refurbishment or as a stand-alone procedure.


Alloy wheels can be either sandblasted or soaked in an acid bath to remove the existing coating. We then use a variety of techniques to repair any damage to the alloys before re-coating them with the powder coating of your choice. Once the powder coating has been applied, we’ll then apply a hard-wearing, durable lacquer finish so your alloys will stay looking good for years to come.


These days powder coatings for alloy wheels are available in a wide variety of shades and special finishes so you really can add a personalised touch to the look of your vehicle. However if you’d prefer to keep the existing finish, we can offer an exact colour-match to the manufacturer’s original finish.


We offer a same-day service and 12-month guarantee so you can relax in the knowledge that our work is carried out to the highest standards and your vehicle will be ready to drive away in no time at all.