Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheels have almost certainly increased in popularity over the years, primarily due to their superior appearance and performance and the added benefits of customisation options available for design, colour and finish, only serves to increase this appeal.  Because alloy wheels are substantially more expensive than their steel wheel cousins, it is essential that you find the best alloy wheel refurbishment Bradford has available when damage is incurred.  This is why is pays to visit Alloywheels-R-Us.


Alloy wheels are manufactured using nickel and aluminium as opposed to steel and whilst these materials offer immense benefits for the overall handling of your vehicle, they do also result in a more flexible wheel that can easily suffer damage during any form of impact.
Personalising your vehicle with specially designed alloy wheels is easier than ever and there is a vast selection of polished, chrome or painted finishes available to you.  Over the course of time however, these specialised finishes can become damaged due to something as simple as natural wear and tear, through to a minor accident resulting in kerb damage.


Fortunately, complete alloy wheel replacement is rarely necessary and by taking advantage of an alloy wheel refurbishment service, you will save vast amounts of money.  Alloy wheel refurbishment offers an extremely cost-efficient alternative to complete replacement and there is little doubt that your wheels will look as good as new, protecting both your vehicle (and your wallet) in the long run!
Whilst buckled wheels might be beyond repair, most alloy wheel damage is repairable.  Scratches, dents, bends, corrosion and faded or chipped paint can all be repaired and even cracked or bent wheels can usually be restored by using highly specialised aluminium welding techniques, restoring them to their original shape and finish.


If your car is left outside during harsh weather conditions, or even driven on roads treated with sand or salt, your alloy wheels will be especially prone to damage.  The protective transparent lacquer that is applied to the exterior of your alloy wheels will wear down over the course of time and it is essential that this minor damage be treated before it results in a far more costly and extensive repair.  By selecting Alloywheels-R-Us for the finest alloy wheel refurbishment Bradford has available, you will be able to restore your wheels back to their original condition before the damage worsens and becomes irreparable.


Using highly skilled technicians and specialist equipment, here at Alloy Wheels R Us, we will paint and polish your alloys and ensure that they match the original manufacturer’s quality and specifications.  If your wheels are painted, they will be matched exactly to the original colour or if you fancy a complete change, we will of course be more than happy to oblige.